Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday 2013

It's Christmas time which means we're a little crazier than normal.
Here's a glimpse into holiday 2013 at Fishs Eddy!

Right before Thanksgiving Kelly held a competition with the staff to get rid of the slow-moving 
Gobble Gobble Gravy Boats.  

Hey guys, whoever sells the most gravy boats gets a gift certificate  and its not from Fishs Eddy! said Kelly

Mary never got the memo about the Gobble Gobble Gravy Boat Competition so Competitive Courtney was able to talk Mary into buying a gravy boat for herself, hence winning the gift-certificate. Congratulations Courtney!

Team work!
Competitive Candice wins Kelly's retail bingo competition

Personally, I think Jen over-ordered the gravy boats. Jen claims that the gravy boat was a 
dog…with a turkey on it.
Jen not amused.

This year we're selling some fun holiday ornaments. Jen and I were excited to find one with a cupcake on a little red thistle cake stand because we actually sell that red thistle cake stand... although Ian had a panic attack cleaning up all the glitter that came off the fake icing.

This is NOT in my job description said Ian.
Fear of glitter was NOT on your application said Kelly.
Ian is happily merried AND happily married!

With new faces up in the office Jen seems to be the go-to person for help on Fishs Eddy systems.

Welcome Marianne & Linda!
Jen how do I access available inventory of the dog glasses said Marianne.
Jen how do I create a new SKU for the gift boxes said Linda.
Jen how do I zoom in on an item to check inventory status said Mary.
Jen how do I process damages in inventory said Manny.
Jen I'm grabbing lunch should I get the quinoa and tuna salad or roasted tomato soup said I.

Still not amused.
Holiday windows were a challenge this year. We had great difficulty getting Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to cooperate for a tea party photograph so we had to resort to cutting and pasting their heads. The Queen of England and DeBlasio weren't taking our calls either. Despite no call backs Won and Anitra managed to pull off the BEST holiday windows ever!

Won and Anitra took the cutting and pasting of heads personally

The other night at Justine's insistence she and I re-merchandised the entire CHEAP CHINA room in the back of the store. There we were,  just me and Justine, summing up the laborious job ahead of us.

Me: Hey Justine, you and I can make magic happen back here in this CHEAP CHINA room. Wuh-do-ya say we move all the dishes around to make space for the vintage crates? Customers love them so. 
Justine: When did I say I wanted to make magic happen?

At Christmas time everyone is wearing a million hats… well, almost everyone.
Me: Hey Steffan, are you cool with power tools cuz I reeeaally need help drilling into this cabinet 
Steffan: That’s a power tool. You do know I'm a homosexual don't you?

So, Thanksgiving 2013 has come and gone...wish we could say that about the gravy boats. As the days get crazier we’re admittedly a little crankier, a little sillier and a little more insane. We’re gift-wrapping more, we’re restocking more, we’re hauling more and we’re on each other’s nerves more. 

We? said Jen after proof reading this blog post.
But most importantly… we’re there for each other more.
Way more.

Alejandra and Kari managing well.
Robby and Michelle keeping sane. Well, at least Michelle is.
Manny and Kadeem downstairs, but always up!
Ashley just finished re-stock. Beth's forks never came in.

Karen's paying bills. Abby's making product for Karen to pay for.

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