Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Doing Dishes

How don't I have a blog?

I've had a dish and glassware store for over 25 years in New York City that's pretty well known (FYI if you do anything for more than 25 years you'll get a reputation for something, I can't promise what).

Dave has been my husband and business partner for all that time (you do the math) so there's lots to say about that.

Oh, and unlike all of those other bloggers out there with adorable little toddlers peeking out from behind a couch in a photograph taken in their adorable home...my house is such a pigsty it would intimidate FEMA and I have two beastly teenagers that I'm currently trying to sell on Craigslist.

*Freight not included

But when you get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Fishs Eddy, which includes my personal life because there is NO separation (see tax returns for details) you won't be able to stop looking. Yes, occasionally it may be like rubbernecking an accident, but most of the time it will excite and inspire you... because that's what happens to us everyday!

*Note to readers: Nothing in this blog will be staged for shock value. My mother-in-law hurling a pistol into the Hudson River really did happen.

Photo by David Mills

And don't worry, it's not all cynical. I really love doing dishes with my husband in this amazing store right smack on Broadway. The places we've been, the warehouses and factories we've seen, and the people we've met...everyday it's a new experience in the most exciting city in the world!

Oh, and I also really love all of the talented people I work with. They probably have way more productive stuff to share with you than I do, so stay tuned for that.

Of course it would've been great if I was smart enough to start blogging about Fishs Eddy when blogging came on the scene but I never got the memo. Also, you're talking to someone who's lived in New York City forever and has had the opportunity to buy super-ginormous lofts in Tribeca for next to nothing but she never did that either.
*For now on when I refer to my own stupidity I will call me, she.
*If I’m taking about Dave's stupidity I will call him Dave.

Considering that I've been "doing dishes" for SOOOOO long, I should have like eight million followers (I do however get followed in Duane Reade by security but that's because my unfortunate wardrobe needs a makeover.)

*Note to self: Have some kind of beauty make-over section in this blog.
**Double note to self: Get Sara to do it.

So with all that said, it would be great if you could spread the word quickly to help me get more followers, at least more than the creepy Duane Reade guy.

Did you get me followers yet? How am I gonna get sponsors if you don't get me any followers????

Did I just say lyrics from a Pink Floyd song?

Well anyway, here we go.

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  1. Guns in Hudson, bad fashion sense...I'm IN! If you find any cheap real estate in NYC please feel free to share. Looking forward to the next installment..

    1. oh, this is a fun blog. i love your blog name, noomokids! laughing all the way....

  2. HA! Not sure I knew it was possible but I think I love Fishs Eddy even more now. ;) Looking forward to more!

  3. Who is the good looking guy with silver hair on the right side of the table??

  4. Best shop ever! Looking forward to reading more :)

  5. Great to hear from you in this blog. It's really difficult in words to express the sheer joy that my wife and I get when we stop in the store. We live in NJ and come to the city often to see, do, etc. but we are so often drawn to the store just because.... As a retail junkie, I can honestly say, it is really one of the prize jewels in the crown of shopping, anywhere - not just NYC. Of course the fact that it's in NYC makes it that much more special!

  6. We're glad you're blogging now! Probably that makes me read blogs finally:)
    Good Luck!

  7. Julie - Congrats on the blog! Your inimitable humor shines through. Are you still in Nancy's writing group? Best, Keris Salmon

  8. Keep on blogging and the followers will come!

  9. @Bruce Levin....imagine moving to NYC from Iowa and finding Fishs Eddy!! This blog makes me soooo happy!

  10. And yeah! GUNS IN THE HUDSON!!! let it be....

  11. I love this glimpse into into the real lives of the driving force behind this amazing store. We can all agree it's a favorite among us kitchen and home decor junkies. So excited to keep reading and to hear more personal stories about what really goes on behind the scenes. Great job!

  12. Good thing I don't live near you because I have a little bit of an addiction....

  13. Good deal!
    Best of Luck!

  14. I've loved Fishs Eddy since i can remember. You have created a teriffic place that is part atelier, small-town hardware store and comedy club. I try to find excuses to stop in every time I'm in the neighborhood. It is really great to put names to some of the many smiling faces in your place. Thank You!

    Please tell us the stories behind the paintings and signs!

  15. I LOVE to visit Fishs Eddy when I come from Oklahoma to NYC!

  16. You all are Awesome! We registered with you fro our wedding in 2oo2 and our Bluestar chargers are wonderful!!! Love your blog! Congratulations and much success in 2013!