Friday, January 18, 2013

Tribute to Lincoln

In 1637 Samuel Lincoln came to America. He had two sons, Mordecai and Daniel.

Abe Lincoln                                                              Dave Lincoln

Mordecai Lincoln went on to have kids who had kids who had kids until they had Abraham Lincoln, the president.

Daniel Lincoln went on to have kids who had kids who had kids until they had David Lincoln, the Fishs Eddy buyer.

They’re dead ringers!
David Lincoln actually has a lot in common with his cousin Abe.
David Lincoln delivers his addresses in the store telling great stories and gaining him popularity among the people… well, the staff.
David Lincoln has kept Fishs Eddy united during perilous times… well, missing deliveries and drama in the stockroom.
And David Lincoln is most honest.
That’s right, it’s not just “Honest Abe”, it’s "Honest Dave!”

    Signs of an early buyer, David merchandising toys                   David Lincoln, the buyer he is today

As the buyer of all things Fishs Eddy, David Lincoln is an expert at putting lines together and editing product. It's not as easy as it looks!

But believe it or not, David Lincoln actually lives in sunny Palm Springs California. How does David Lincoln do his buying from Palm Springs California you ask? Well that’s a long story but in a nutshell, after a year of doing all of our buying from here in NYC, David told us that he wanted to live out his dream and go to California. We said please don’t leave us David Lincoln and he said I have to go and we said fine you’re that good David Lincoln….we'll telecommute. So David Lincoln's physical body was replaced with a speakerphone on our conference table where, for the last several years, we have had endless meetings about buying, budgeting, product development... and all things Fishs Eddy.

One time we did video chat but David Lincoln didn’t realize that on video chat you can see EVERYTHING so we decided to only use the conference line.

Always a good sport!
Every year we have a sale with a theme and one year David Lincoln let us pick on him, so we had a "Kill the Buyer Sale!"

Albert Pinkham Ryder is David’s favorite artist
My favorite part of going to the Chicago table-top show is stealing time with David Lincoln to go to the Chicago Art Institute, because David knows everything about art!

Now we are saying good-bye to David Lincoln. David is happy and settled and officially all things California.

So while you can’t look him up on Wikipedia and the History Channel hasn’t documented his life, yet, David Lincoln has made his own history here at Fishs Eddy. A truly brilliant buyer, a merchant through and through, a creative force and a huge wonderful personality… David Lincoln will be missed very much, most especially by yours truly.

Good luck David Lincoln.

Me and David at the Chicago Art Institute


  1. I remember that sale! This is a sad story.

  2. well, David is not at all sad, nor are you, but I think it's sad he's departed from NYC.