Friday, March 8, 2013

Calling All Singles!

Over the years  Dave and I have amassed bushels of random sugar bowls and even randomer lids. The tops and bottoms never matched, but their patterns and designs  were way too beautiful  to leave behind.  I guess we thought that eventually the bowls and lids would come together to form a perfect union. In an optimistic moment of merchandising, I even displayed a few bushels of mixed sugar bowls next to a barrel of mixed lids with a sign Find Gods Match For You.

Shapely dish seeks perfect mate for sweet relationship!
Recently I saw  Sara plunge her hand into an innocent little cactus- like plant, pull it out of its little planter home and plop it into one of the vintage sugar bowls.  
And then it hit me... Sara is a plant killer!

No Julie, I'm turning these gorgeous little sugar bowls into planters - they're way too beautiful NOT to use simply because they have no matching lids. And BTW it's called DIY... said Sara. 
A succulent sweetens a sugar bowl!
Here are a few nifty uses for these American-Made beauties from the creative and clever minds at FE… And we would LOVE to hear YOUR ideas too!
Way cooler center pieces than the 1-800-FLOWERS vase!

As pretty as the necklaces ... says Kristen M!
Take that Container Store ...says Jane!
An enlightening idea ...says Kristen K!


  1. Excellent post! I love your devil-may-care imagination!

  2. I want to use these plants for bridal shower favors!