Friday, March 15, 2013

Ready, SET, Go! - Part 1

Many MANY years ago Dave and I found ourselves sitting in a stuffy old boardroom with some prospective investors...who didn't get us. We were discussing the concept of selling dishes a la carte instead of matching dishes in boxed sets.  To show you how little they got us, I'll recall the conversation.

Julie: Well you see our customers are very creative,  they don't need to have sets.
Investor Guy: What? Did you say they don't need to have SEX?
Julie: No! I said our customers do not need to be told that their dishes have to be boring sets.
Investor Guy: What? Your customers are having boring sex?
Julie: Is lunch included in this meeting?

But it's true, our customers ARE creative and have always thought way outside the boxed set of dishes. So twenty five years ago when we were hauling endless bushels of random  plates,  bowls, saucers, and mugs out of old defunct china factories, you were there to mix, match, layer and create dinnerware sets that were unlike any other...and you're still doing it!

Vintage Fishs Eddy Play Station

To celebrate our roots we've pulled out our 20 foot farm table and labeled it the Fishs Eddy Play Station!

The table top is the canvas, the rest of the store is the pallet. Designers and bloggers have been stopping by all week to "play." We invite you too!

Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone finding inspiration for her place setting!

Created by Stefanie - give her a hand!

Grace and Max from Design*Sponge stopped by to design a few playful settings!
Grace's setting was pretty in pink!

Max's setting appeals to our inner child!

Susan from House of Brinson mixes and matches the perfect plates!

Susan's setting was elegant and sweet, perfect for spring!
Food writer and blogger Nancy Matsumoto and her good friend David Cobb Craig stopped by too!
Nancy & David's colorful place setting was inspired by gorgeous vintage book plates!

Stop by to create your own perfect place setting and share them with us via Twitter and Instagram with #vintagefishseddy!

Stay tuned for more great photos!

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