Monday, June 9, 2014

Tchotchkes on Broadway!

Full disclosure: I love musicals, especially the glitzy, colorful, extravagant ones! Hence the frequent Broadway references that make their way into our signs, sales and window displays.

So it only makes sense that along with my love for Broadway musicals comes my love for glitzy, colorful tchotchkes....hence all of our American Made glass MUST-HAVE-swan toothpick holders-dolly figurines-saltcellars-frogs-unicorns etc... (ok so tchotchkes and broadway shows don’t necessarily go together but they do for the purposes of this blog post)

Slag color!
It was several years ago when Dave and Billy came across thousands of these beautiful little glass pieces, somewhere in West Virginia. They weren't really looking for tiny glass unicorns but, well, it happened. And they were irresistibly gorgeous! No two colors were alike and some had slag color which is two colors mixed together.

That night at their hotel, Billy even "caught" Dave lining up the little glass frogs and scotty dogs on his nightstand. 

Enter Billy.
Dave: uh hey Billy, I uh, I uh, I’m just checking for imperfections in the glass.
Billy: No you’re not! You’re playing with them!

The following week when Dave went back to get the rest, he was so excited that he was, well, less discriminating in what he got.
Get ye' a toe clipper!

Dave (calling from the road trip): Jool wait till you see these amazing toothpick holders I got! They’re in the shape of a boot!
Me: Sounds amazing Dave I miss you and I can’t wait to see the boot toothpick holders. Do come home soon.
Me (seeing the boot toothpick holders): Dave look closely at this toothpick holder! It’s Quasimoto’s boot! It has a toe sticking out of it!
Dave: I got eight thousand.

Aside from the infamous boot, Dave and Billy found the most incredible colors and shapes. They got doll figurines in every shade imaginable. And yes, we tied those into a Broadway Show! Anitra and Won’s window deserves a Tony!

My favorite - the bowling pin ashtrays!

Oh, and my absolute favorite? A tiny ashtray that was made for a bowling ally…it makes me want to dance and sing... but I'll spare you!

Some glass figurines weren't even cut off the font (mold)!

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