Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who's Your Daddy?

It’s Father’s Day this weekend (you didn’t forget did you!?) so we asked around to see what some of the Fishs Eddy team is giving their dads. This one's for you, Dad!

I've always spent my summers with my family in the Adirondacks. So many of my favorite childhood memories with my father happened there; hiking mountains, learning how to drive, building our family cabin with friends… This Father's Day I would want to relive those memories by gifting my Dad with the Camping Mug from our 'Great Outdoors' pattern--as well as a good bottle of Bourbon. To my father, there's nothing quite like enjoying a nice glass of bourbon--or a cup of coffee--while taking in a mountain view.


My dad is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for – I struggle every year to find something that’s out of the box enough to match his off-beat taste. Thank god for Fishs Eddy! I think he’ll get a real kick out of a vintage glove mold. They have just the right mix of history and quirk to spark his interest, and will be a striking addition his work desk!


My dad would love to take me on the Path train to Hoboken on weekends. We'd walk along the the train tracks and hang out by the piers. We'd go for lunch at a local diner or at the cafeteria at Woolworth's. I loved the sounds of the teaspoons rattling against the peoples cups drinking coffee. My dad's not alive any more, so I'll buy a green band cup and saucer to drink my coffee in the morning. 


Growing up, I guess I could best describe my father as a playmate, with a credit card and a drivers license. So it's hard to say WHAT I would get him for Father's Day that wasn't from Toys-R-Us...or a fancy car dealership. I wouldn't get him dinner plates because he eats directly out of containers, and that includes soup cans. I wouldn't get him storage-ware because most of the stuff in his fridge is pre 9-11. At this point I don't want to encourage him to store leftovers. I guess I would get him a wife. But we don't sell those. So the next best thing is our porcelain bird whistle. My father would get hours of entertainment out of something like that. Yeah, I would get him the bird whistle for Father's Day and I would take him to the park so he can play with it.


My dad does a lot of things well but cooking is not one of them - his cooking repertoire consists of pancakes and waffles. When my mom was out of town we would have pancakes and waffles every night for the entire week. It was always fun until the third night when my sister and I would be begging for anything else! For Father’s Day this year, I would give him the Health Grade ‘B’ tray with a stack of pancakes on top. Fortunately humor is something he does well.


My dad visited me in New York for the first time this month. He pretty much enjoyed everything, from walking to riding the trains. He particularly enjoyed downtown Manhattan. He said to us that he always dreamed of going to Ground Zero, so we took him there. That was his favorite place. I would give him anything from the 212 collection because it would remind him of how much fun the trip was.


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